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Attending any church for the first time can sometimes be uncomfortable and intimidating. However, The Red Brick Church is not just any church. We work to make you feel at home–as if you are visiting family or close friends–when you attend our church.

You will seldom see suits and ties worn at our services, business casual or jeans being more common. We invite you to come in whatever makes you most comfortable and is honoring to God.

Our music style is a blend of contemporary and traditional. Singing is typically accompanied by piano and guitar.

The Red Brick Church is open to everyone who wishes to get connected in Exeter. We believe that God has a great plan for our lives, and we are honored to be able to walk with you on this journey.

The Red Brick Church is committed to presenting God’s truth in a way that is creative, compelling, challenging and speaks to you today. We welcome doubters, seekers and anyone wishing to grow in a relationship with God.

We would like to put your mind at ease by providing you with a quick overview of what to expect  when you are a part of the Red Brick Church experience. Please take a few moments to watch this welcome to church video.

We also encourage you to fill out the Connect Card  below, and one of our staff members will get in contact with you.

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Sunday Service is all about the business of connecting people to people and people to God.