2017 Events

Walk a Mile for Racial Unity and Arts Fest 

Oct 21, 2017

The Third Annual Walk a Mile for Racial Unity event attracted more than three hundred people from all walks of life and different racial identities.  The editorial section of the Exeter News Letter gave the event a “Thumbs Up” and encouraged the Racial Unity, chaired by our Church Moderator Ken Mendis to “continue these difficult conversations”  while also challenging community members to “step out of their comfort zones and attend a meeting  or event”.

The Sunday Seacoast covered the event  with an article “Exeter’s  Racial Unity Walk looks to Reach all people”. The church has been very active in this community projects as it was founded at the Red Brick Church. For details about the article click on the link provided in the Seacoast Sunday article.

One of the many event during the walk that attracted the children was the button making table.  Picture shows one of the many children at the table making a button from a picture of artwork created by community members that participated in a 7 week Racial Unity Culture Keepers | Culture Makers art project.

To learn more about what the Racial Unity Team is doing in the community click on Racial Unity Team to follow them on facebook.

Finally, our mission at this church is to “Connect People to People and People to God” and one of our visions is what is stated below.

“We want to be the church that reaches all races and economic levels and a place where people come to be ministered to. We aspire to be the church where people choose to “come and see” and then find themselves wanting to stay, because it provides them with a safe place to explore their spiritual growth”.

RACIAL UNITY TEAM – NH Charitable Foundation Community Grant.

The Racial Unity Team of Exeter is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $5,000 Express Grant through the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Community Grants Program to conduct a “building bridges” art project called Culture Keeping / Culture Making. The project seeks to engage multigenerational, multicultural Exeter and Seacoast area residents in a conversation about the value of racial diversity and to inspire culture shifts toward a stronger community. The mission of the Racial Unity Team is to advance relationships among people of different racial identities, increase understanding and reduce bias in our community.
Facilitator Richard Haynes, M.F.A., Pratt Institute, renowned artist and Associate Director of Admissions for Diversity at the University of NH, will lead participants in forming expressions of key concepts in, not only being keepers of culture, but also being makers of culture.
Participants’ art works will go on display in Exeter art galleries and may be viewed during The Third Annual Walk a Mile for Racial Unity in Exeter on October 21, 2017.

Grant coordinators Sylvia Foster and Ken Mendis, of the Racial Unity Team, expressed concern that communities around the nation are experiencing an alarming number of acts of hate and bias and a lack of significant signs of resolution. The art project is one of many efforts that the Racial Unity Team is working on to build bridges to new understandings through conversations and community projects.
For more information, including how you may participate, contact Ken Mendis at racialunityteam1@gmail.com or 1-610-904-8001


2106 Events


Dr. Martin Luther King Day  

Breakfast & Celebration

Life and Legacy of Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy as a peacemaker, seeker of equality and champion of justice was
remembered and celebrated on Monday January 16, 2017, the national holiday was held at the Red Brick Church of Exeter, 2 Spring Street, Exeter, NH.
Breakfast was served in the lower level Community Center of the church starting at 9am until 10:00am. At 10:30 in the upstairs  sanctuary, the program of celebration, with keynote speaker Dr. Courtney Marshall, began. Local students shared their writings of King, community leaders reflected on his legacy, while local  musicians (Kent Allyn, Suzie Burke, Dave Charette, Doug Holzapfel, Matt Langley, Bob McCarthy, Ilona Tipp, Lillian Buckley) shared music of unity, peace and hope.

Click on the link to enjoy the video MLK Breakfast



Exeter’s second annual Walk a Mile for Racial Unity will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016. Beginning at 10:00 a.m. , the public is invited to join a guided one-hour tour which will explore how race has shaped Exeter’s history. Beginning at The Red Brick Church on the corner of Front and Spring Streets, the walk will highlight sites of importance in the racial history of Exeter, where Native American, African American and Chinese American lives made contributions or experienced discrimination in the background of our town.

Racial issues began when Exeter was officially settled in 1638 by British immigrants and the Squamscott and Algonquian people living in the area were displaced. This tour will further explore how race has shaped Exeter’s history and will, hopefully, open a dialog that will help shape its future.

After the Walk you are invited to return to the starting point, 2 Spring Street, where you can write and post your ideas about racial unity in Exeter. We will also have a short “town hall” meeting about how we today can promote racial unity in Exeter and beyond.

Brochures highlighting sites in downtown Exeter will be distributed to participants, and information based on research by Exeter Historical Society curator Barbara Rimkunas will be distributed on the tour. Guides will include members of a Racial Unity Team (RUT), local volunteers who have been working on tour planning for over a year.

If you are planning to participate in this years walk click on the facebook event  and select going. https://www.facebook.com/events/123181298126430/ and if you would like to be a volunteer during this event email ksmendis@fbcexeter.com.

 2015 Events

Walk a Mile for Racial Unity 2015

On Saturday, September 25, 2015 a group of 85 local and area people gathered on the steps of The Red Brick Church to walk a mile-long route with significant sites pertaining to racial issues in Exeter. At each of the 11 stops along the route, a Phillips Exeter Academy student held a placard with information about the history of that site. Participants gathered again at the end of the walk at The Red Brick Church and discussed current racial issues and what we can do to improve them. A Racial Unity Team continues to meet at our church and work toward educating both children and adults about racial unity in our town and nation.

Newspaper Article 2015

Memorial Service for South Carolina Shooting Victims 2015

The memorial service was held Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at the Red Brick Church.  Pastor Dee said that the confessed shooter wanted to start a revolution of hatred–a movement to divide and separate people. What we should start is a revolution of love, a revolution that will bring us all together. Fellow Exeter Church Leaders Father Marcel Martel of St. Michael’s Church, Reverend Michael Pendleton of Christ Church and Pastor David Moore of Exeter Area Christian Fellowship joined Pastor Dee in healing prayers and song.