The racial reconciliation journey is not an easy process.  It can be daunting and scary to launch into the unknown abyss of racial conversations. It takes brave people to have courageous conversations. You may be like me as you look around at the many racial divides – you want to do something!

We have read the scriptures; we have prayed for unity and more recently we have read and heard the news coverage on this topic. How do we, the Body of Christ, walk out becoming one? How do the words of John 17 come alive and living in each other? How does unity begin to permeate our entire being? How do we become light to a dark world that makes division on race?  How does the Body of Christ become a witness and a voice for race unity? The purpose for the Red Brick Church starting this discussion in Exeter is to help get us unstuck. The Bridge to Racial Unity Discussion is a journey. It is designed as step one in relational unity, through conversations that would lead to healing through racial reconciliation.  Come join me starting Tuesday, May 2 at 7:00 PM at the Red Brick Church as we begin our walk on the bridge to building racial unity in our community. The mission of Building Bridges is to enable our community to address  racial diversity issues through a continuing process of changing attitudes and hearts. You can join this  group that begins meeting  May 2,  2016 by completing the form below.

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