At The Red Brick Church we believe the most critical step in starting a spiritual journey is getting connected relationally with a church home that is right for you. It is a priority here at our church to ensure that newcomers are provided with the information they need to make informed decisions on where they would like to come and learn and grow with others in their journey of loving and walking with Jesus.

The Red Brick Church has made the first step easy for any newcomers thinking about or wishing to make our church their home by offering a class to get connected. During the orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet other newcomers as well as some of the Red Brick Church team members. You will be given more information about who we are as a church, including how you can become a part of our spiritual journey.

Are you ready for your spiritual journey to begin? Send us an email to receive more information about our next class and where you can get connected . . . you will not regret it!