2020 Vision Plan


The Red Brick Church needs to be at a level of stability and sustainability so that God’s people are in a position to do God’s work within the church and community.  To reach that  level of stability and sustainability we need to increase the number of regular church attendees by 50 people who are committed to supporting the church prayerfully and financially and by using their spiritual gifts.

We also aspire to grow to the point where we are able to fully utilize our building and resources serving God and His people. To achieve this growth, we are working with other like churches and exploring immediate growth in 2016 by church planting, merger, and/or integration so that implementing our vision for Music, Sticky Church and Community Outreach can be realized.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 “Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken” (NKJV)


The Red Brick Church will have a dynamic music program that excites worship, leads people to Christ and changes the church and its surrounding into a worship environment where people want to come and are willing to bring their friends with them.

  • The music will be of the highest quality, while maintaining a commitment to nurture those volunteers and paid staff who make up the music ministry.
  • The music will support new and innovative programming by offering individuals opportunities to share a broad range of gifts and talents.
  • There will be a partnership among all facets of the music ministry: children, youth, adults, musicians, singers and special music teams.
  • The music department will grow in participation by 50% by 2016 and each year thereafter by 10% through 2020.

Sticky Church:

The Red Brick Church will become a church that retains 80% of the people who attend for at least three years (excluding moving). It will be a place where people come and want to stay and find it difficult to leave, because they have developed good friends who are part of their church family; where people do not leave because of being dissatisfied or knowing of some other church that has the latest and greatest innovation.  It will be a church where people are actively committed to its mission and where people are also committed to their own spiritual growth.  We want to become the church that will have a 10% yearly increase in attendance through 2020.

Community Outreach:

We seek to be the church that connects to our changing community, including those people who have not traditionally connected with the church. We seek to be the church that serves and disciples the whole family: children, adults, singles, married couples, teens, elderly, those hurting and those who are happy. We want to be the church that reaches all races and economic levels and a place where people come to be ministered to. We aspire to be the church where people choose to “come and see” and then find themselves wanting to stay because it provides them with a safe place to explore their spiritual growth.